Medium Power J Boxes

ASHES Medium Powered Junction Box
Secondary Nodes

Secondary nodes will connect to the primary nodes and transfer power and bandwidth to sensor networks. They are scheduled for deployment in 2013 using an ROV.

--Graphic credit: OOI RSN and Center for Environmental Visualization, University of Washington

Low Voltage Node for PN1C

This low voltage node will be deployed during Leg 2 of the VISIONS'13 expedition at the Offshore site west of Newport Oregon at a water depth of ~600 m. It will provide a connection for the Endurance array Benthic Experiment Platform (BEP).

The main junction box (J-Box) for the RSN system is a Medium Power J-Box (MP J-Box) that receives input voltage at 375 Volts DC and an input data link at 1 GigE. The MP J-Box has one expansion port that passes on the 375 Vdc and 1 GigE data link. This port can be connected to another Medium Power J-Box, or to other specialized equipment that requires higher power or bandwidth, e.g., inductive power coupler systems in docking stations for charging batteries in mobile platforms, or high-definition cameras. In addition, the MP J-Box has eight instrument ports that provide 12 to 48 V and has 10/100BASE-T, RS232 or RS485 data links. There will be 13 Medium and Low Power Junction boxes on the system.

During the VISIONS'13 UW-OOI-NSF Expedition, three medium-powered junction boxes were installed and fully tested - all are fully functional and await connection to the Primary Nodes. The installed junction boxes include: MJ01A at Slope Base; MJ03B at the ASHES hydrothermal field, and MJ03E at Central Caldera.