Mission and Vision

Cabled Array Location

The Vision

Launching a new era of scientific discovery and understanding of the oceans.

The Mission

To operate, maintain, and expand the Cabled Array fiber-optic observatory in the Northeast Pacific Ocean, which serves researchers, students, educators, policymakers, and the public.

A Human Telepresence within the Ocean 

As a global community, one of our principal environmental and educational challenges is to optimize the benefits and mitigate the risks of living on the ocean planet. A grand challenge within the ocean science over the coming decades will be to implement novel strategies and innovative infrastructures that will dramatically increase society's rate of discovery and understanding. We must learn to engage a next-generation workforce that can begin to understand the complex issues associated with our ultimate challenge, which is to learn enough to predict changes in oceanic behavior. 

Historically, oceanographers have gone to sea in ships to study specific processes in limited portions of the ocean for short periods of time. we have utilized satellite systems for surficial imaging and for limited band-width communications (e.g., Iridium) to extend the reach and duration of research in the oceans, but we must deliver next-generation approaches fast enough and well enough to confidently anticipate short and long term ocean-generated threats, as well as opportunities.